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Net2 is one of the most economical access control systems on the market. There are no hidden costs such as per seat licences; the software may be loaded on all the PC’s in a building if required. Net2 Lite software, which includes all the features most organisations will need, is free.

Perhaps even more importantly your investment is future proofed. Adding additional doors in your building as your needs change is straightforward and cost effective. In addition, all new innovations to the system are designed to be backward compatible. Software upgrades are free.

Net2 offers the key requirements of a PC based access control system.

  • Central control
  • Flexible access permissions
  • Reporting

The software gives you full control over the system from your desk. Any instructions given to the software are immediately updated at all the doors. Adding users, barring users and changing users’ access permissions are all done from the PC quickly and easily.

If your company has several buildings, access to all of them can still be controlled from one location. Net2 will control many buildings in different locations using TCP/IP across your existing network.

Access permissions may be set individually or by department. This makes setting up different permissions for different groups of people quick and straightforward. Some areas may be restricted to only a certain group of users. Shift patterns may be set for departments, and those permissions are allocated instantly when a new user card is issued

An events screen allows viewing of ‘real time’ events as they are happening. Monitor who is where in a building, if doors have been left propped open or a door been forced. In addition to the ‘live’ information, reports can easily be created from the software.

Net2 software can be loaded onto one or many PC’s in your organisation. Different administrative rights may be given to each user. Perhaps the Security Manager would be the only person who could alter users’ access permissions, but it may be convenient for your receptionist to be able to issue cards for visitors. Up to five PC’s on a network may administer the system simultaneously.

Net2 systems may be used with a choice of PROXIMITY, Hands free, CARDLOCK (magstripe) readers and TOUCHLOCK keypads. Net2 is also compatible with a range of 3 third-party readers, including biometric readers.

Net2 Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton's Net2 access control, combining door entry with key features of Net2. Net2 Entry comes in a discreet design that is suitable for a range of environments. The Net2 Entry panel has an attractive brushed steel effect and gives a smart appearance and durability.


The PROXIMITY reader is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel making it perfect for the most demanding environments as well as high end office deployment . Designed to be stylish as well as practical the reader is low profile and has inner and outer circles of light. This lighting arrangement is attractive and gives excellent visibility. 







The PROXIMITY metal reader is for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. It is contained in a cast metal housing with a satin chrome finish. The result is a smart, rugged reader. As the reader is already housed in metal, its operation is affected less by fitting within close proximity to other metal objects. This makes it suitable for installation onto metal door frames, car park reader posts etc. 



K series stainless steel keypads are for use with Switch2 and Net2  systems. The keypad has a robust metal construction. K series stainless steel  are available in three sizes.  




The panel mount reader is for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. It is designed to fit into door entry panels. It can also be fitted into posts to control car park barriers. It fits behind a reader cut out of industry standard size.






KABA Hotel Access Control System

KABA understand the complex problems that can arise from access control in the hotel environment.

  • Who should have access to where and at what times?
  • How do I manage my visitors? Where are they and who do they visit?
  • How do I manage my carpark?
  • How do I integrate this system with my Building Management, HR or other corporate management systems?

Kaba develop cost effective and efficient solutions that solve your everyday access control and organisational problems.

The Kaba "Security Doors & Access Control Solutions" CPD seminar has been assessed and approved by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to provide an understanding and awareness of security doors and access control solutions when specifying and choosing materials for construction and development projects.


Guest Self Service Check In / Check Out – providing greater guest convenience with self-service check in and check out.

ATLAS – for hotels of any size that want to integrate their PMS system with the guest room door programming utilising a web based interface.

Generation E-760 Hotel Lock – reliable, robust and meeting the budget of establishments of all sizes.

Solitaire 710-II Hotel Lock – with a wide choice of finishes and an elegant design the 710-II compliments any hotel design.

Front Desk Unit – small, portable, easy to use, programme your guest's key cards at the reception and use to download the lock's audit.

Remote Access Control readers allow your guests to use their room card to access the gym, swimming pool, external door or even the car park barrier.

After decades of innovative research and development, our line-up of security systems is such that we have a solution for virtually every access control application or security need in the lodging business. Our continuing mission to provide customer satisfaction, as well as our commitment to offer state of the art electronic locks explains our multiple successes.

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