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Electric Technics Ltd is a installation manufacturing company. We supply equipment and services for energy saving purposes, increase productivity, safeguard the environment, and improve design of our products which are always built from UK Companies where possible.

The environmental policy applies to the entire Electric Technics Ltd Group and defines the overall environmental work. The term “environment” means both work environment, including health and safety, and the external environment.

Electric Technics Ltd will continuously improve our environmental performance. We will:

  • Promote sustainable development by preventing pollution and eliminating undesirable impacts on the environment.
  • Ensure our efforts are resulting in continuous and measurable improvements in the environment.
  • Ensure that the activities of the Company are planned and performed taking into account the individual employee, the work environment and the surroundings.
  • Where possible, all Electric Technics Ltd production units comply with the ISO 14001 standard, local environmental and work environment legislation.

Electric Technics Ltd have undertaken an obligation to:

  • Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies.

We will support a precautionary approach to environmentally challenges by.

  • Going further than required by law in restricting the use of substances and processes that might present a potential risk to the environment.
  • Striving to be among the most environmentally conscious companies within our branches of industry.

We will undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility by:

  • Increasing the environmental consciousness of our employees and ensure their involvement in environmental work through training and education
  • Aiming at maintaining the same environmental standard when outsourcing production.
  • Making environmental demands on materials, products and services through dialogue and cooperation with suppliers and contractors.
  • Participating in open and positive dialogue with the outside world about the results of our environmental efforts
  • Supporting research into matters of significance to the environment.

Global Compact

Electric Technics Ltd is committed to the following ten principles of Global Compact:

  1. We will support and respect the internationally declared human rights within our spheres of influence
  2. We will ensure we are not complicit in human rights abuses
  3. We aim to maintain employees’ rights to unionise and recognise employees’ right to collective bargaining
  4. We aim to actively fight all kinds of forced labour
  5. We aim to actively fight child labour
  6. We aim to eliminate discrimination in the workplace
  7. We will support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  8. We will undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  9. We will encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
  10. We will work against corruption, including extortion and bribery.


We will encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies by:

  • Developing new products and processes, and revising existing ones, through an assessment of the environmental impacts on material selection and resource consumption.
  • Ensuring that materials from scrapped products, to an increasing extent, can be reused or disposed of without risk to the environment.
  • Ensuring production in an environmentally sound way.
  • Evaluating together with authorities the need for changes in the arrangement and operation of plants based on new legislation or emergence of cleaner technology.
  • Ensuring that correct application of products throughout their lifetime will be harmless to both man and the environment.
  • Ensuring that transportation, including transportation of products, machines, equipment, oils, chemicals and waste is carried out in an environmentally justifiable way.

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